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Welcome home to The Lindsay Marten Ellis Experience. This is your virtual sanctuary where we keep it light while going deep, and ground spirituality into the reality of what it means to be human. We explore consciousness, evolution, alternative health, all things truth, taboo, and beyond. There are no boxes or rules here. Tune in each week where myself and raw and real guests will be sharing our lived experience through a multi-faceted lens to support you no matter where you’re at on your journey. This is a sacred space where spiritual principles and Universal wisdom are accessible, simple, and digestible because all are welcome here. It is your birthright to remember the magic and miracle that you are. Are you ready to be inspired? Let’s do this love.

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2 days ago

I am delighted and honored to bring you a conversation with one of my spiritual mentors, Aaron Glassman.
In this episode, we weave many topics together with the throughline of unity consciousness, from the union of the masculine and feminine to the union of scientific principles and spiritual Laws.
We also touch on awakening into a higher reality, the powerful difference between creation versus manifestation, plant medicine, sacred travel and so much more.
You’ll love Aaron’s playful, rich wisdom!
If you’d like to dive deeper, check our Aaron’s free upcoming masterclass ‘The Quantum Goddess’ here:
About Aaron:
Aaron is one part entrepreneur and one part transformational facilitator
In 1996 Aaron experienced what he refers to as his “awakening” inside the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
For over 28 years Aaron has been coaching, teaching, writing and facilitating individuals in realizing their creative visions, leadership and connection to their Higher Self. 
Aaron brings his powerful teachings and facilitation to entrepreneurs, visionaries and executives, and evolving women from all over the world.
Aaron’s upcoming book is titled “Be the WAYVE” Soul Technology to Activate Soul Purpose. 
Aaron has worked with and shared the stage with Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Michael Beckwith.
Connect with Aaron:
Free Wave Activation
Avalon 2024 Offering
Science of Love Website

Monday Jul 15, 2024

In this vulnerable and playful episode, soul sister Jen Cunnings and myself explore all things light language.
Jen provides a live light language and energy healing transmission for myself and for the collective. 
She also unexpectedly asks me to stretch outside of my comfort zone and share a light language transmission for you all, which is my first time ever sharing this part of myself publicly!
If you’re calling in more authenticity, courage, and stability within, this episode is for you.
Here is Jen’s FB Live referenced in the episode:
About Jen:
Jen Cunnings is a powerful energy healer, spiritual guide, and self-love alchemist, who has facilitated thousands of clients, supporting transformation. She specializes in working with empaths in empowerment, self-love, and emotional healing.
In recent years, she has awakened to her gifts as a channel of light language and has activated her voice to bring through powerful healing and enhanced intuitive guidance. As she steps more fully into her service work, she has been guided to teach about self-love. She provides powerful energy transmissions to shift our wounded hearts to more fully open to the true love that we are.
Connect with Jen:
Book a Session

Monday Jul 08, 2024

Thank you Erin A. for writing in and requesting the very timely topic for today’s solo-cast.
Here is what she shared with me: “I would love to hear more about how to be a little more selfish of my ‘ME’ time. I’m so guilty of letting others take that from me. I try to be everyone’s everything and find that I’m guilty of neglecting Self.”
I know that every single one of us can relate to some aspect of what Erin shared above! So, thank you Erin for being brave, asking the question, going first, and doing the damn thang.
Per usual, I get raw and real with you about my personal struggles as it relates to this topic and how I have navigated and moved through them. 
In the episode, I provide supportive tools and practices that have allowed me to be more centered within myself, and in turn, created even more stability in my external relationships.
You’ll love the simple, tangible, experiential nuggets of wisdom packed into this episode! 
Drop me a direct message on Instagram (@lindsaymartenellis) or email me ( to share what you would like to hear more of on the show.

Monday Jul 01, 2024

You don’t want to miss this gold of a conversation between pow-HER-house and serial entrepreneur, Miki Agrawal.
We dive into so many hot topics flooding our collective today, which are packed with wisdom nuggets from Miki herself.
We dive into her spiritual journey starting with how 9-11 impacted the trajectory of her life, what it means to operate from fearlessness, how to embody radical authenticity, imposter syndrome, staying curious, and how to handle being a disruptor across many industries.
Enjoy tuning in to this one and learning from this creative, visionary leader!
About Miki:
Miki Agrawal, celebrated as a visionary entrepreneur and author, is the driving force behind innovative companies like TUSHY, THINX, and WILD, valued collectively at over $250 million. Author of best-selling books "DO COOL SH*T" and "DISRUPT-HER," she's recognized by Fast Company as one of the "Most Creative People" and by the World Economic Forum as a "Young Global Leader." 
Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Miki is known for her compelling presence as a speaker, offering unique insights into taboo product development, creative marketing, and business scaling. With 20 years of entrepreneurial adventures, Miki has established herself as a thought leader in creative business strategy and challenging the status quo.
Connect with Miki:
Hello Tushy

Monday Jun 24, 2024

In this timely conversation, soul sister Kenlyn Kolleen and I dive into all things Divine Feminine, and why this is such an epic time to be alive on the planet. This conversation just might surprise you and expand your perspective as to what the codes of the feminine truly embodies. 
Itching for more? Tune into Kenlyn’s Upcoming Free Free Live 5-Day Feminine Festival called ‘Goddess Convergence’ starting June 25, 2024:
About Kenlyn: Kenlyn Kolleen is a women’s empowerment leader and founder of The Evolving Sisters Network - a global community of awakened women, leading with their sacred power, freeing their voices and restoring wholeness to themselves, their communities and the planet.
Kenlyn’s mission is to activate women as change agents of our world emerged from her early life as a top attorney and Notre Dame law graduate, where her mastery of the more masculine expressions of success, status and money led her to discover the powerful gifts of the Divine Feminine archetypes - reclaimed through deep healing and a potent sisterhood. For the next 2+ decades she would devote herself to the call through founding and leading circles of women.
Connect with Kenlyn:

Monday Jun 17, 2024

In today’s episode I share my personal experience of what it means to navigate life as it relates to consistency, commitment, devotion, determination, discipline, repetition, versatility and beyond.
My prayer is that this episode supports you no matter where you’re at on your journey, whether you’re starting something new or desiring to find the inspiration again to keep showing up for something that is meaningful to you.Drop me a direct message on Instagram (@lindsaymartenellis) or email me ( to share what opened up for you in this episode, and to share what you would like to hear more of on the show. I can’t wait to connect!

Monday Jun 10, 2024

In today’s episode we have a special guest… My 4 month old angel baby, Cove. I was feeding him and felt inspired to share a topic that has been on my heart for many weeks now as I’ve entered this new season of life. 
Most of us feel that there is not enough time in a day, no matter what season we’re in and often forgo the devotional practices that are deeply nourishing for our body, mind, and soul. When we disconnect in this way, it leads to survival mode, instability within, and a dysregulated nervous system, which only perpetuates the feelings of ‘not enough’ time.
In this episode I invite you into a reframe around what a spiritual practice truly is, what it looks like, and how to incorporate this reframe into your life.
After all, this is truly about who we are being throughout the day as we move through life and interact with others. 
In this episode, I provide 3 simple ways to incorporate this shift  into your life on a daily basis, which includes how to change your vibrational state, how to find glimmers of magic in the mundane, and when to let go of the plan to allow for spontaneity. 
Drop me a direct message on Instagram (@lindsaymartenellis) or email me ( to share what opened up for you in this episode, and to share what you would like to hear more of on the show. I can’t wait to connect!

Monday Jun 03, 2024

This is my first podcast episode in 4 months and the start of Season 3, following the birth of my beautiful son, Cove.
What a wild adventure it’s been as I’ve stepped into motherhood, and navigated all of the blessings and all of the challenges that this new season has brought into my life.
In this episode, I cover the clarity I have received during this time regarding my purpose, my work in the world, and how I get to show up as the best version of myself for my son and family.
We cover the Gene Keys, the power of simplicity, why diversity is powerful medicine during this time, allowing the daily mess to reveal our message, and so much more.
Below are the links I share in the episode:
15 Minute Life and Business Video Update:
5 Minute Oliveda Information Video:
Oliveda Website:
A reminder to drop me a direct message on Instagram (@lindsaymartenellis) or email me ( to say hi, and to share what you would like to hear more of on the show.
Can’t wait to see you again next week… It feels SO good to be back!

Monday Jan 29, 2024

Today is bittersweet, as this is the end of Season 2 of the podcast and my last episode before my son meets us earthside!
In this episode I share my best practices, tools, and tips for creating pauses throughout your day, which cultivates presence, activates the pivot, and allows you to access the power within.
Thank you to all of you for making this podcast a success over the last year and a half, whether you’re a listener, collaborator, or part of my team who makes these podcasts possible! I have learned and grown so much on this journey.
I cannot wait to come back to the podcast anchored into the frequency of the Mother archetype, with new inspiration, awareness, and a whole way of being.
This is goodbye, for NOW… ;)
Additional Support & Resources:
Journey Through My Free Experiential Masterclass
Book Your Soul-Led Strategy Session
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Monday Jan 22, 2024

In today’s episode with Emma Andrews we cover all things intuition!
Her story about how her intuitive gifts and mediumship abilities came online blew me away, and I know they will for you too!
From losing her Father unexpectedly to a health crisis that brought her to her knees, Emma shares the gifts of her grieving journey and how these experiences brought her to her service work at this time.
About Emma:
Emma Andrews is an Intuitive and Medium who works one-on-one with clients around the world. Emma helps individuals create positive transformations in their lives and in the world by connecting with their own intuition. In addition to working with clients in her Intuitive Sessions, she is the creator of the highly-acclaimed intuition development course, The Intuitive Method.
If you’re curious to explore Emma’s class ‘The Intuitive Method’, you can check it out here and receive $100 off with code ‘SHINE’:
Connect with Emma:
Free Meditation


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